Private Sector to Help with Homeland Security

“The ability for the private sector to invest, co-develop and integrate innovative technologies into the cybersecurity marketplace will significantly impact progress in threat deterrence and mitigation.”


The above quote is from an article written by Charles Brooks of that reports an interesting program has been put in place at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology (S&T) Directorate.  The program is called the Transition to Practice Program (TTP) and its directive is to involve the private sector with the development of cybersecurity technologies that have been started by the Department of Energy (DOE) National Labs and Federal Funded Research & Development Centers (FFRDC’s).


The Cyber Security Division (CSD) of S&T heads up the TTP efforts and works closely with the Commercialization Office.  This office has successfully compiled a list of over 2,000 technologies, services and/or products that may work well with the security requirements of DHS.  The priority for both CSD and the Commercialization Office is to get the security needs of certain departments of the government satisfied.  CSD is involved with the entire development process from design through test and development as well as deployment.


DHS has realized that they are not able to keep up with the ever increasing demand to handle next-generation threats, and as a result are looking to the private commercial sector to help with the increased pressure.


The TTP is scheduled to introduce new innovative cybersecurity ideas in October of 2013.


You can get more information and read the full article from here.

Unprecedented Customer Support

Recently PistolStar went on-site with a current prospect to help with the implementation of the Password Power 8 Notes ID Plug-in. PistolStar’s technical team helped deploy multiple seats of the Notes ID Plug-in which will enable the prospect to:

– Authenticate users against Active Directory
– One password for user to remember
– Uniform AD password policies for security/compliance
– Reduce Help Desk calls and shorten length with just AD password reset
– Achieve true Single Sign-On Seamless real-time access after forgotten password

And much more….

Below you can take a look at our Senior Software Engineer, Larry Conroy, providing support to the IT staff on premise. Overall PistolStar’s goal is to provide unprecedented support to our prospects and customers. Whether it is over the phone or on-site all cases are handled with care to make sure that an exact fit with the customer’s requirements is created.