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Tom Hoey

Tom, PistolStar’s founder and CEO, has over 25 years of experience as a software engineer and is one of the main architects for the widely successful PistolStar product line. He also works closely with his core team to define the sales, marketing and product strategies that drive PistolStar’s growth and success. Prior to launching PistolStar in 2000, Tom was at Digital Equipment Corporation and Iris Associates, an IBM Lotus subsidiary, developing core functionality found in lower-level operating systems and in Lotus Notes and Domino.

Gregg Browinski

Gregg, PistolStar’s Chief Technology Officer, oversees PistolStar’s product development and technical support. Prior to joining the company in 2001, he received extensive experience as a developer at IBM Lotus and Iris Associates. Gregg has served as the lead architect and developer for PistolStar’s Password Power suite of authentication solutions. He is responsible for the product’s technical success and the recognition it has received through award nominations.

 Larry Conroy

Larry is a Technical Support/Developer here at PistolStar. With a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, he has worked for Raytheon, and then moved on to other corporations, such as Kronos, Axent, and Applied Microsystems. Over the last ten years Larry has specialized in improving and growing the support process, previously and within PistolStar Inc.

Rob Bellefeuille

Rob is the InBound Marketing Associate at PistolStar, Inc. Upon completing his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Southern New Hampshire University, he went to work at marketing giant VistaPrint. After his tenure at VistaPrint, he went on to build his experience in marketing, advertising, and sales. He is passionate about new technology and software integration.

Liana Lichtenwalner

Liana is the Marketing Writer at PistolStar, Inc. Graduating from Northland International University with a degree in English Education, with extra courses in Critical Writing and Creative Writing, she writes with a burden for both cyber security awareness and vocabulary expansion using sublime adjectives.

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