Backyard SSO Hero


So, my neighbor, Penny, peaks her head over the fence and asks me what I think about this SSO stuff.  What makes her think I even want to chat in the first place . . . the game is on and I’m stuck out here?  Can’t she see all these leaves taunting me because the leaf blower won’t start?  A more appropriate discourse would have been something like, “Hey, my kids are looking for something to do. Can they rake your leaves for you?” But never the less, as I reluctantly get off my knees to graciously accept her unwanted invitation for fence banter, she continues with, “What does it even stand for?  People I work with have been throwing it around, and I feel like I’m missing out on something. Does it stand for ‘Sorry So Obvious’ or ‘Seek Some Outdoors’ or maybe some form of ‘See ya Soon’?”


She now has me amused, and I’m finding her unsolicited remarks more interesting than the task at hand.  I slowly get upright and reply to her with, “SSO stands for Single Sign On, and you may have it in place if your work day is not interrupted by too many security logins to the various applications you use at work. You are able to save time with SSO.”


“Security logins?  What are those?” she replies.


“Do you have to provide an account name and password when you log into your computer in the morning?” I ask.


“Yes”, she states.


“Do you then have to provide additional username and password combinations to access other applications, such as SharePoint or Google Apps?”


“Oh, do you mean like Blackboard or my email?” she asks.


“Yes, exactly like Blackboard and Outlook Web App.  How do you like logging in that many times in one day?” I inquire.


“It drives me nuts!” she retorts.  “I have already shown the computer who I am, so why does it keep asking me to provide more names and passwords?!  Our IT guy tells us we need to make strong passwords with symbols, upper and lower case letters, and even numbers.  Oh noooo… you can’t even make it something that is easy to remember because it would be too easy to guess.  That’s hard enough, and then we can’t write it down! My job is stressful enough without having to be bothered with all these usernames and passwords, not to mention dealing with an IT staff member should you, dare I say it . . . forget your password.”


Woah!  When did I become the neighborhood technical therapist? 😉 Anyway, football game and lawn work aside, Penny needs help and I’m the closest one to her at this point…  the sacrifices us dedicated IT people make. I reassured Penny,“Single Sign On is going to be your best friend soon. You will be able able to save time with SSO, and SSO reduces the phishing attach space. Not to meant ion, having SSO in place will eliminate most of the bad experiences you are having with passwords and authentication.”


Penny asks, “Soon?  Why do you say soon?”


I reply, “Because it’s obvious that your company has not implemented SSO yet due to your multiple logins, and it looks like you can be the hero that starts the revolution for your co-workers.  Here’s what you do when you get back to work on Monday.  See if you can find someone with buying power, and plant a seed with the following facts.

1-  Save time with SSO! Save time not only for the individual users that no longer have to login to everything, but also for the IT people that are currently supporting users with multiple accounts and passwords.

2- Remind that person how grateful the IT staff will be to the person that puts SSO in place and takes a lot of frustration and despair out of their work week.

3- And for the knockout blow, SSO reduces the phishing attack space. You can let that lucky person know that eliminating all those logins reduces the phishing attack space considerably.  Should they ask how to get started, you can give them the website.”


The next thing I know, I’m watching the game, and Penny’s kids are finishing up the yard work.