More Compromised Students and Faculty


Recently, there was yet another security breach at a college campus. This time the victim was Butler University, where a hacker accessed over 160,000 records for current, past students and faculty. The information stolen was the typical pertinent information that is stolen in this type of breach.

Names, Social Security numbers, date of birth, and bank account information.

The announcement of this breach comes due to an identity theft investigation that came from California law enforcement. The perpetrator that was caught possessed a flash drive that contained all of the data stolen from Butler University. Through the work of a third party investigator, it was uncovered that the information was stolen by remote hackers who accessed the Universities network between November 2013 and May 2014.

When will all of this craziness stop and people take security seriously?

I find it interesting that there is not more of an outcry from the general public to make sure that organizations are protecting their information. It used to be that colleges and universities were less likely to get attacked, since students typically do not have any credit in general. However, this year we have seen two other colleges in the spring and a high school earlier this summer.

There are schools, like Dalton State College and Clermont Northeastern School District, that have taken a serious look at this problem and addressed it by partnering with PortalGuard to deploy a two-factor authentication solution. By adding a two-factor authentication solution to their environment, they are able to ensure that the end-user is who they claim to be and not an imposter or hacker. This type of authentication can also deter man-in-the-middle attacks as well.


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