Violated Database: Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services


Your car has been broken into, yet nothing was stolen. Nothing was stolen, so no big deal, right? WRONG! You would still feel violated, creeped out, and concerned about it happening again. The Montana Health Department has experienced a similar data breach.


On May 15th, Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) officials noticed out of the ordinary activity. After further investigation, DPHHS confirmed that a server had been breached by hackers, and according to Alison Diana’s article Montana Health Department Hacked,“1.3 million people of the incident” are being notified of the breach and ensured that their information will be protected. Diana continues by stating, “there is no evidence this information was used inappropriately – or even accessed.”


At the moment, DPHHS is ensuring that a stronger security solution will be put in place to prevent such attacks from happening again, and extra measures are being taken to ensure that all citizen information is not compromised. There is a help line that DPHHS has on their website with information for potentially affected patients.


Diana continues in her article on the increase in attacks on healthcare databases, “many healthcare breaches have historically resulted from employee carelessness or error, hackers are increasingly attracted to this industry’s rich stash of personal data — including Social Security numbers, credit card information, and addresses — and personal health information.” With all this private information being housed within a healthcare database, it is imperative that a stronger authentication solution be put in place, along with educating employees on Password Best Practices (PBP). Many IT professionals are turning to PortalGuard for Healthcare for stronger security and increased usability for their corporation.

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