Young Hacker Infiltrates High School Database


We live in a world with multiple cyber threats, many coming from alias names from countries we have never been to. Within the United States, we have our fair share of hackers that cause major problems and confiscate sensitive data. It is sad and eye opening when it happens on the high school level.


Recently, a 16-year-old boy gained access to a school database that held personal information like grades and attendance. By gaining access to this database, the student was able to change multiple attendance records and grades.


According to Ashley Carmen’s SC Magazine article “Orange Public School district staff and authorities believe the student accessed the computer system through a teacher’s login credentials . . ., however, they aren’t sure of how he obtained access to the teacher’s password.” With the privacy and safety of students being top priority over the last decade or so, it is surprising that many K-12 schools have not deployed a second factor for account logins for both students and faculty.


With this account hacking comes “multiple counts of second-degree computer theft for unlawfully accessing and altering data and one count of hindering apprehension,” according to Carmen. This case is going to be handled in Family Court.


As K-12 schools begin to invest in identity solutions, many are turning to PortalGuard for education, giving them stronger security and increased usability.

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