Hartford Small Business Data Protection Survey

The Hartford Small Business Data Protection Survey found out the following about business owners:

* 48% lock and secure sensitive customer, patient or employee data, use password protection, data encryption and firewalls to control access and lock-out hackers

* 44% have a privacy policy

* 47% update systems and software on a regular basis, acknowledge it would be impossible for a small business to completely safeguard customer, patient or employee data.

* 61% believe a data breach violates trust and would jeopardize their relationships with customers, patients and employees

* 34% would have difficulty complying with government notification requirements

* 41% ensure that remote access to their company’s network is secure

* 53% shred and securely dispose of customer, patient or employee data

* 79% restrict employee access to sensitive data

* 38% have a more negative opinion of companies that have recently experienced a breach, based on the companies’ handling of the breach.

The Hartford Data Breach resource


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