PortalGuard’s New Patent

In complex computing environments, passwords are often the source of frustration, wasted time and unnecessary expense. Users regularly access about eight to ten different systems. Users are often so afraid they will not be able to get back in or utilize a service in the future, they leave the figurative key in the door, with weak passwords like “password” or sticky notes posted all over their cubicles. With the increase in remote access and demand for greater resource access by members, security issues are becoming a greater concern and bigger challenge. Dictionary attacks, hacking and other vulnerabilities caused by poor password quality are putting sensitive information and/or resources at risk.

PortalGuard is very excited to announce our new patent (8,196,193) formalized on June 5, 2012 for method for retrofitting password enabled computer software with a redirection user authentication method.

An authentication integration method may be used to integrate and control authentication and passwords among various applications and platforms of a service. The authentication integration method may extend a service’s existing authentication framework to utilize a single sign-on authentication platform in a secure fashion. The authentication integration may be carried out pre-validation and/or pre-issuance of keys by certifying authority or trusted third party of a public key infrastructure (PKI).


The PortalGuard software is an authentication platform which is focused on enhancing usability, while maintaining a balance between security, auditing, and compliance for your web and desktop authentication requirements. PortalGuard provides capabilities including multi-factor authentication, self-service password reset, password synchronization and single sign-on which can be seamlessly configured by user, group, or application.


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