AT&T Study Of 504 IT Executives With At Least $25 Million In Annual Revenue

Mobile, Cloud Computing Factoring Into Disaster Recovery

AT&T recently conducted a disaster planning study (conducted between February and April), surveying 504 IT executives. AT&T has conducted the study for more than 10 consecutive years. This year’s survey was conducted among IT executives from companies with at least $25 million in annual revenue in Texas, California, Florida, Ohio and New York.

* 87% of respondents have become more concerned about the increased use and potential threats of mobile networks and devices

* 38% are making investments in cloud computing for security, performance and cost savings

* 67% of respondent businesses have included wireless network capabilities as part of business continuity plans

* 6 out of 10 respondents are investing in mobile security services.

* 60% of respondents are investing in mobile security services, and 38% are making investments in cloud computing to ensure business continuity.

* Two-thirds of AT&T clients surveyed have implemented proactive measures during government alerts of a pending disaster. Two-thirds have tested plans within the past year.

* 40% of respondents are investing in or looking at investing in cloud services for disaster recovery.

* 69% indicated that a potential security breaches is the pressing concern

* Most companies (65%) will be investing in new telecommunications technologies to support IT infrastructures.

* 52% of IT executives surveyed anticipated the spending for mobile security services to increase.

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