Recent News: PortalGuard Presents Contextual Authentication at SecureWorld Expo in Boston

Just wanted to share PortalGuard’s recent press release regarding the presentation of contextual authentication, a midpoint between passwords and two-factor, at the SecureWorld Expo in Boston, March 28th – 29th.

The release discusses the opportunity attendees will have to talk with our authentication experts about how to apply the appropriate authentication method to each user, group or application.

Read the press release now on MarketWire to learn more about having the flexibility to take a gradual approach to increasing security.

Authentication is Evolving with PortalGuard Now on

PortalGuard: Risk-based Authentication Platform Now On PortalGuard Now On

Authentication is evolving. There’s a better way to authenticate. Be confident in who accesses your web applications.

You can now find this slogan on, along with multiple media offerings from PortalGuard. PortalGuard is sponsoring both Security Topics, Application and Platform Security and Enterprise Identity and Access Management. Presenting a new flexible approach to authentication, the informative drop down video discusses how risk-based authentication is the next step in the evolution of authentication, and asks you, what’s your authentication situation?

Take a moment to check it out, and while you’re there request your copy of the exclusive whitepaper: “Real World Security with Risk-based Authentication”.