The Trojan Horse: Sneaking Past Your City Walls

For centuries the Trojan horse was a weapon of war; a historical piece of trickery and deceit, which was used to bring down the City of Troy. Now in this century, when searching the term Trojan horse, the first result to appear is about the technology verison of the  Trojan horse. As many of us know malware stands for malicious software. The vehicle in which it obtains its unwanted access is the Trojan horse programs. These carriers are great at disguise, trickery, and breaking down the walls of your personal identity and even financial status.


Recently a new Trojan horse program has appeared, and has many concerned. Trojan Horses, as many of us know, are invasive, but this new one goes beyond that, targeting specifically financial institutions and Internet Explorer users. The new name to fear: W32.Silon. With the target of financial institutions, Silon can intercept Internet Explorer sessions, and steal credentials. Many say this attack has two heads, the generic Trojan horse approach into all applications, and then the financial focus.


When it comes to logging onto your bank account online, that is when to watch out. The Silon Trojan will intercept between the token protected financial sites and the user, putting up a façade that looks like their normal login screen. This allows them to transmit your credentials to hackers, to be able to obtain your financial data, and reap the rewards. The main thing that is clear about this attacker is that it is following and changing wih the authentication trends. With more advanced authentication techniques, attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. The Silon is a prime example, as it attacks the two prong stronger authentication methods with ease. Bank accounts beware!


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