Twitter Faces Security Breach: Is your identity safe?

 Social media has become the talk of the town lately. With Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace taking over how all of us share information, it is no wonder why they are targets for cybercriminals. Security and authentication requirements for many of these sites are not withstanding these attacks. The latest attack is on Twitter.

In a recent survey, produced by Osterman Research Inc. , the author of multiple PistolStar whitepapers, they dove into the world of Twitter, and its usage. Most surveyed have only been using the site for up to 3 months, but at least 50% see it becoming more important to them, in the future. This being said it is amazing how much information people are willing to provide to these sites, making them prime targets for identity theft, and other security breaches.

A recent article on, discussed a threat to Twitter users’ login credentials. A site called TwitViewer, was an add-on site, which allowed users to see who was viewing their profile. Unfortunately when they were prompted to enter in their credentials, they were handing them over to criminals. Twitter suggested to those who used the site, to change their username and password immediately.

These social media sites are becoming targets, due to the vast amount of information that users are willing to provide. When this much information is provided, a username and password really becomes a very sensitive piece of information. It is important to ask yourself…. can you prove your identity beyond your password?


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